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Cook Children's Rehab

Cook Children's Rehab

The existing rubber floor that we installed over at Cook Children’s was a very expensive rubber floor system…and was relatively new, just a couple of years old. However it was not providing the desired performance and safety that the therapists needed.

Sport Court was originally specified to be the floor in this facility during the new construction not long ago. The therapists wanted Sport Court because of how it performs for them in their other facilities and at the Ben Hogan facilities. However, it seems that aesthetic designers and maintenance decision makers preferred design over function. They had designed curves and circles within and throughout the facility and since Sport Court could not be configured in such a design somebody selected a rubber floor that could be. No worky. From day one the selected rubber floor was not acceptable or suitable for the work that is done at these facilities. Slipping and falling was prevalent on the rubber floor and so the therapists would either not follow through with some of the training that was required or, if weather and temperature permitted they would go outside on a specialized outdoor court product they have.

The therapists immediately called me after the facility opened so they could pursue getting Sport Court into their facility. What should have been a 3-6 month effort to order and provide the floor turned into a 18 month effort because, again maintenance people and designers got into the process. Defense was rejected, Response was rejected. Finally the Response HG was acceptable to them. Then the interior designer spent weeks providing drawings to people for approval, and then finally they had a go ahead.