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Court Equipment

Get your court equipment from NexCourt. We provide a range of outdoor sports equipment including basketball hoops, rebounders, containment netting, court lighting, multi nets, and fun packs. 


Quality in-ground, professional quality basketball hoops from NexCourt ensures the best safety and performance. Superior corrosion protection and an advanced height adjustment system is easy to use for players of all ages. The included tempered glass backboard rebounds the ball in true pro-level style. 


Rebounders integrate into your ball containment system to provide opportunities to practice soccer, tennis, baseball and basketball with springy ball-return netting. 

Ball Containment 

Our ball containment system incorporates soft-fence netting that attractively protects your court for years. The netting is built as a temporary structure as opposed to the more costly and permanent alternatives. 

Court Lighting 

Play longer and later with a lighting system. Play any sport well after the sun goes down. The fun doesn't have to end with the daylight. 

Multi Nets 

High quality, durable netting for any sport. 

Fun Pack 

A fun pack provides you with a wide range of high-quality sports gear including balls, racquets and other gear. It's everything you need to get the most enjoyment out of your sports facilities.