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Tennis Courts

Finding a good tennis court is difficult these days. Community and school courts are often poorly maintained, club and fitness centers are usually crowded, and your favorite court is not likely to be right around the corner. The best solution is to build one at home!

NexCourt can build your tennis court from scratch or provide resurfacing for an existing court. There’s no need to worry about cracks, blisters and resurfacing every few years as traditional applications require. Our tennis court surfacing is made of the latest technology in athletic performance surfacing. Our surface is independently rated by the International Tennis Federation for both medium and fast paced play.

Safety is they Key

The best part about our tennis court surfacing is that it is designed with the user in mind. Concrete and asphalt may be great for roads, bridges and construction, but it was never intended as a safe, high-performance surface for playing sports. In fact, playing on such hard surfaces often does lasting damage to the joints, ligaments, muscles and bones of athletes of all ages. The SportCourt® tennis court surface offers vertical cushioning and “Lateral Forgiveness™” to absorb the shock of sudden starts and stops while you play hard. Plus, with construction that drains water and endures heat, you get a safe, high-traction, low-maintenance surface that lasts years.

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